Friday, April 24, 2015

A Mystery Suspense Thriller by Cory Toth

Cory Toth -Paper Dolls - Mystery


A Mystery Suspense Thriller by Cory Toth

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  When eleven-year-old Landon Daniels is found wandering in a daze late at night, he is unaware of the events that brought him to an isolated stretch of highway. The girl he was last seen with, Emily Rose, has mysteriously vanished from the nearby town of Victory Falls. The news about Emily has shattered the town, and the bizarre circumstances surrounding her disappearance have the residents demanding answers to this mystery. The only things keeping Landon from knowing what happened to Emily are the memories that have hidden themselves far within the folds of his brain. He must delve deep within his mind to remember the events of that fateful day so that he can be reunited with her, but at the same time, is scared to death of what role he played in her disappearance. As Investigator Carter VanDusen races against time to learn the truth, Landon can only pray that the greatest danger is not within himself.

Cory TothMeet the Author: Cory Toth Cory Toth is the author of four novels including Firefly, Paper Dolls, Ashes to Ashes, and No Man's Land. He writes Mysteries, Suspense Novels, and Psychological Thrillers that are appropriate for Adult and Young Adult readers. Cory has never been one to follow trends, and his highly original works are a direct reflection of his innovative personality. Toth was born and raised in Upstate New York and draws inspiration for his novels from local towns and landscapes. When he is not writing, he spends much of his free time helping the American Red Cross.
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