Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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THE BENDERSONS Series by Leanne Schroder

Leanne Schroder_The_Bendersons1 

The Bendersons: Mission Possible In South America



  Tam, Troy, Lune and Spike are on a mission to South America to infiltrate the elusive Golden Triads led by the villanous Vulcax. In doing so, Tam and Troy come across a stone age village and receive help from Hutta who speaks English ?

Leanne Schroder_The_BendersonsK7                 

The Bendersons: Kidnapped at K7



  Tam is kidnapped and taken hostage to Tibet. Life for Tam will never be the same again. Tam is trained as a computer hacker and money launderer under the Walf's control.      


Meet the Author: Leanne Schroder

Leanne Schroder, a published author has been a history and science fiction buff for years. I have published an autobiography , titled "Hitler's holyday Cap" with my late father Petrus Stentler who was a prisoner of Nazi Germany as well as the Benderson series which at times delves into tribes from another world. I lived in Hobart, Tasmania and a mother of young adults. See all of Leanne's books and the entire Benderson series on AMAZON.