Sunday, May 24, 2015

Romance: Her Gardener's Secret

Ruby Loren-her_gardeners_secret_final  

Romance: Her Gardener's Secret

(Love's Landscape Sexy Romance 
Series Book 1) by Ruby Loren

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Love, rivalry, and revenge are blossoming beneath the branches in a country park and gardens in this steamy romance novel. Jake and Lydia have been in a relationship together since leaving university, but when Lydia starts volunteering at country gardens, Heathley, she instantly clashes with the seriously sexy head gardener, Scott. When a long awaited job opportunity finally arises, there is fierce rivalry that threatens to push her relationship to the breaking point. Lydia is tempted by a sexy romance affair, but does this path lead only to heartbreak? About the author: Ruby Loren devours romance books by the bundle and is delighted to share her passion for romantic novels with the world. She volunteered at a country park and gardens in order to gain the experience to write the Love’s Landscape sexy romance series.       ...