Saturday, May 30, 2015

True Health & Optimal Wellness by Russ Curran


True Health & Optimal Wellness

  Don’t Let Your Genetics Hold You Back  
Take Control of Your Health and Optimal Wellness  
Overcome Cancer, Disease, and Sickness & Lead a More Fulfilling Life!  

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We’ve all been told that our genetics determine our destiny. Our susceptibility to sickness, our overall health, our wellness – sometimes we think it’s all dictated by our genes. Well, it isn’t. And don’t let yourself fall into that trap. “True Health & Optimal Wellness” can help you heal your body at the root cause and show you how to live disease free. You can build and support your immune system so disease never has a chance. A thriving life full of vitality is possible, and it’s never too late.

 About the Author: Russ Curran Russ Curran is a Health and Wellness Author, Expert, Coach, and CEO of Look Within a health and wellness company. He is also the owner of Epigenetics and Nutrition which was designed to help people gain true health and optimal wellness. Russ helps people gain true health and optimal wellness based on the science of Epigenetics. The science of Epigenetics has proved that the DNA you were born with is not your destiny!
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