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  Quotes to Inspire - 2nd Edition (Updated in 2016 to include recent inspirational quotes)  

With over 4000 quotes across 50+ categories, you’ll never need another quote book again! The world is full of ideas, and there is no better way to capture an idea’s presence than with an inspiring quote.  

Offering 4000+ of the world’s favourite quotes, featuring millionaires, to musicians and even the occasional Muppets (thank you "Kermit the Frog"!).  

Quotes for: Actions, Adversity, Aggression, Alcoholism, Anger, Art, Balance, Boredom, Career, Cats, Caution, Change, Children, Christianity, Competence, Competition, Complacency, Computer, Dance, Death, Denial, Desire, Destiny, Destruction, Dignity, Divorce, Dream, Dreams, Drugs, Education, Envy, Fame, Fashion, Feminism, Flower, Funny, Greatness, Guilt, Habits, Happiness, Health, Heart, Heaven, History, Honesty, Humour, Independence, Inspiration, Justice, Knowledge, Lies, Loss, Love, Memory, Men, Opportunity, Problems, Purpose, Revenge, Thought Gems, War, Wisdom, Women and Youth.
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