Wednesday, June 1, 2016

FREEBIE - A Preacher Called Sinn: The Turbulent Life of a Protestant Minister

A Preacher Called Sinn: 

The Turbulent Life of a Protestant Minister


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At the height of the hippie era, a bearded minister wearing sandals arrives on the campus of Indiana State University and opens a popular coffee house where musicians perform between inspirational readings. But soon, Duane's involvement in liberal causes casts gloomy shadows over his once proud surname. A divorce prompts a call for his resignation. Now, the mayor appoints him Executive Director of the Western Indiana Community Action Agency. But when Duane inadvertently hires serial killer, Larry Eyler, he faces a media frenzy that nearly destroys him. A Preacher Called Sinn will encourage others to stay strong when it looks like all is lost. It's a coming of age story that transitions into Duane's life as a Protestant minister who falls in and out of love, starts over more than once, yet always remains true to himself.