Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction and Erotica from Author: Jacob Drake

F.U.L.L. M.O.O.N. W.E.R.E.W.O.L.F.
Hector Silva had been recruited by S.T.U.D.S., the counter-part organization to B.A.B.E.S., both covert agencies that took qualified humans, although one utilized only males while the other only females, and transformed them into super-powered operatives who utilized their abilities toward locating, stopping and imprisoning criminals throughout the city of Chicago. During the process that endowed him with his new super-abilities, however, something went horribly wrong and Hector Silva, rather than becoming a hero, was tansformed into a........ SEE IT ON AMAZON.

Superion (A Coming of Heroes) -In a world where many beings have great power Solarian is the greatest of them all - until the day an unknown super-hero fell from the sky - someone who was almost Solarian's identical twin but who called himself Superion. Who is he really and why has he come just when....... SEE IT ON AMAZON.