Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fiction/ Science-Fiction/ Fantasy Series (Athyxian Chronicles) - from Author: Kevin C Davison

An Assassin's Revenge (Athyxian Chronicles) - Sometimes the deeds of a hero have nothing but good tidings and positive effects in the world. On rare occasions negative repercussions follow. In the case of the heroes of Athyx vengeance follows. The villains who survived the wrath of the heroes plot their revenge. Celeste shows her true colors and power as she makes a pact with enemies of the heroes to aid her in a divine mission she was assigned to complete by her goddess, the Crimson Lady. Things don’t go as Celeste plans.... SEE IT ON AMAZON.

WRATH - A paranoid-schizophrenic suffers from delusions and dissociative identity disorder. This diagnosis is new to him having no mental health history in his family prior to his recent affliction. Bennett Andrews is a known transient that dwells in Reno Nevada and lives off of the tourists he pan handles from. He finds himself missing a chunk of his memories and awakens in a mental institution in Washington DC having no idea how he got there. After suffering from an alternate identity his psychiatrist, Doctor Victoria Tabbott accidentally discovers is the name of a detective from LA that died in a car accident with his family in Reno near where Bennett lived she becomes curious and investigates it further. Uniting with Special Agent Anthony Hauck, the three of them along with Bennett’s alternate personality unravel a dark government conspiracy and secrets to Bennett’s diagnosis that baffle the most intelligent scientists and doctors. They uncover a plot that puts them all in danger of being assassinated by the government they believe in. The actions and paths taken unlock a mysterious paranormal phenomenon that calls itself Wrath. SEE IT ON AMAZON.

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