Sunday, September 11, 2011

Author: Tracey Alley

Author Tracey Alley
Witchcraft, History, Adventure themes

I was born and raised in QLD, Australia but caught the travel bug quite early and lived in Melbourne and Christchurch, New Zealand for a while. I haven't traveled half as much as I would have liked but there's still plenty of time for that.
I consider myself a Christian, albeit a slightly esoteric, left of center one who also has a great amount of respect for Buddhist tradition and philosophy.
I'm infinitely curious about the world and my friends describe me as an intellectual butterfly, I flit from one topic to the next. I'm also a pacifist, a little bit left of center and can, like most people, be very complex. I'm passionate about the things I believe in and believe firmly that you have to keep learning as you grow. So far I have two degrees but I'm going back for more and will do a Masters in Comparative Religion [my other degree was in Egyptology].........