Saturday, July 28, 2012

Army of Me - Science Fiction

How Powerful Can One Person Be?

Kevin Kelvin is a child prodigy with a dream of space exploration. However, life happens and it proves to be a bizarre, twisted path to space. Through a series of improbable adventures including: becoming the world's first trillionaire, saving the last living band of Neanderthal, inventing a genetic therapy that restores youth, becoming the dictator of Namibia, founding his own country, reviving the abandoned Space Shuttle program, weaponizing lower Earth orbit, destroying Saudi Arabia, winning the Nobel Peace Prize, and developing an anti-gravity propulsion system, he is finally able to realize his dream and stand as the first man on Mars and the most powerful man on Earth.  

Meet The Author: N. Lamont Weaver has a degree in Anthropology, but has been a small business owner for most of his life having had a Mountain Bike Touring business and a Surf shop in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. He has lived in the Dominican Republic for almost twenty years. He currently lives in the small fishing village of Bayahibe on the Caribbean side of the Dominican Republic. He and his wife Yumiko own a Stand Up Paddle Boarding tour and rental business and are trying to teach their Dominican beach dog, Bailey, how to Paddle Board.