Friday, July 27, 2012

Blood Melt by Max W. Miller

Sixteen year old Avani Darrisaw had always thought her life was tough. She knew her parents sheltered her too much because of her unusual talents. Her anxiety ramps up when her parents tells her that she must leave their home in Winston-Salem and travel to Savannah, Georgia with this weird, crazy-talking school counselor. Avani is told she must attend some kind of training school that she believes is for freaks. To add to her woes, her parents seem excited about her leaving with this evil woman.

The School counselor, Vivian Brashear, tells Avani an unbelievable tale--how Avani has been chosen by some alien Star Warrior prince dude and he wants her to help him get to earth. What? That can’t be right. A prince from the planet Amarka has chosen her to save him?

Confused and frightened, Avani rebels by running off. She is saved from a male predator by a gorgeous, mysterious stranger--the same one that had started showing up in her dreams. Avani knew it had to be the Star Warrior, just like she knew she was attracted to him.

The story progresses to where Avani is faced with the decision of a life time, whether to let Seth perish or risk her life to save his. But her story is filled with perils. Her mere association with Seth unleashes a Walfarian Spiker , sworn enemies of the Amarkarues. The Walfarian assassin is determined to track and murder Avani.

Blood Melt is a fast pace riveting tale, full of intrigues, romance, and unexpected turns in the road. Order Blood Melt today! Find out whether Avani will risk her life to save Seth, and if he can in return save her from the clutches of another kind of alien–the heartless Walfarian Spiker.