Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lust Takes The White House by Benson Grayson

a political novel about White House skullduggery

On a whim, Lust Cosmetics Company owner Melvin Shultz resorts to the same sleazy tactics he employed to make his firm an industry leader to manipulate the American presidential primaries. His goal is to see if he can put inept, woman-chasing ex-governor Robert "Buck" Porter into the White House. Pursing his "3 B's," (bribery, bullying and blackmail,) Shultz is successful. He then is unexpectedly persuaded by Porter to become CIA Director. Shultz quickly realizes he has made a horrible mistake, and that Porter is so bad his administration threatens America's future. Feeling responsible for foisting Porter on the country, Shultz must now decide whether to risk disgrace and probable imprisonment by again using the same ruthless tactics in an attemptt to force Porter's ouster from the Presidency.

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