Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thirty Something (Nothing's How We Dreamed It Would Be) Filipa Fonseca Silva

Joana is a conservative, controlling woman who expected much more from marriage; Maria is trying to get back on her feet after being dumped just before her wedding; Filipe hides his broken heart in failed relationships. Is this as good as it gets when you're thirty something? That's what these three friends from college times will find out during a dysfunctional dinner party. Because life is not always how we dreamed it would be. Considered by some 'The Big Chill' of the 21st century, this debut novel is all about the end of innocence. Funny, clever and real.

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Meet the Author
Filipa Fonseca Silva was born in 1979 in Barreiro, Portugal. She has a degree in Communication by Universidade Católica Portuguesa and works as a copywriter since 2004. She is also the co-founder of YouClient, a start-up launched in March 2012. She dreams about making the world a better place and writing beautiful stories. Besides writing she loves painting, shoes and watermelon. She lives in Lisbon with her husband, baby and Gucci, the cat. Thirty Something (Nothing’s How We Dreamed It Would Be) is her first novel and the original version has been widely praised.