Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fixing The Health Care Industry

Fixing The Health Care Industry

With Liberty and Coverage for all 
 by Thomas Sharon RN MPH 
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The current state of health care is in shambles with doctors and nurses accidentally killing more patients than most of the diseases they are treating. The new law has failed to protect the public with patient safety standards, and will soon head us toward a condition of total financial collapse and chaos with thousands of hospitals and clinics closed down and millions of people dying of treatable diseases.

Therefore, to avert this inevitable disaster this book examines the history and current state of affairs of the health care industry and proposes both political and personal solutions such as legislating patient safety standards and staying off the "who shall die" lists with interventions for prevention. Once the Government moves us into a single payer system it will have only one choice to save itself from disintegration; to keep spiraling health care costs under control by preventing the old and disabled from receiving expensive life-saving hospital care. Hence, the health care industry, which already has an oversight system in place for pre-authorization of high-priced medical services, supplies, equipment and drugs, will provide only to government-approved recipients after the panels of bureaucrats make their decision on who shall live and who shall die.

There is no question that we have been lied to and victimized in what is probably the greatest scam in history. But it didn't just start with Obama's election and the passing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010; it started decades ago with the advent of the health maintenance organization that forever changed the face of medical practice and health care delivery in the United States. The solutions are within our grasp. Let's hope we can take action before it's too late.

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