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Your Band is A Virus

james moore YBIAV

Your Band is A Virus

Viral Marketing Strategies for Indie Musicians and Bands

by James Moore

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As featured on,, I Am Entertainment Magazine,, and recommended by countless music publications, "Your Band Is A Virus! Expanded Edition" is the bigger and better version of the best selling book "Your Band Is A Virus - Behind-the-Scenes & Viral Marketing for the Independent Musician". At double the size of it's predecessor, it is the ultimate music marketing guide for serious independent musicians and bands. Independent musicians in 2012 find themselves more confused than ever before. "Your Band Is A Virus - Expanded Edition" presents a complete paradigm shift in both the way artists promote and why they do it. Advocating breaking the rules, bringing truly original expressions to the world, encouraging controversy, timing a release for optimum impact, promoting to music publications with his behind-the-scenes method, taking advantage of the user-generated revolution with a freelancers army, properly marketing music videos, embracing the free music model, and thinking outside the box, "Your Band Is A Virus" presents an actionable and inspired approach to music marketing coming from James Moore, founder of Independent Music Promotions. James's words have been shared by the likes of CDBaby, Reverbnation,, the DIY Daily and

Meet the Author - James Moore

james moore picJames Moore is a Canadian music promoter and author of the best selling "Your Band Is A Virus" music marketing book series. Growing up on artists like The Beatles, Public Enemy, Nirvana, and Tom Waits, he's always connected with music that spoke from the soul. He works directly with independent bands and solo artists through his company Independent Music Promotions ( I.M.P works worldwide exclusively with "artists with depth". James has also contributed to a host of music publications such as The Muse's Muse, Skope Magazine, Target Audience Magazine, Evor, and Music Think Tank. His work, most notably his "Can We Get In Pitchfork?" piece, has become one of the most shared pieces on Music Think Tank, having been spread by the likes of CDBaby, Reverbnation,, DIY Daily and  

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