Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Magic Love Potion

Meet Valentine- the brave little angel 

who invents a love potion 

to stop people from fighting!


The book Valentine- The magic love potion has already charmed thousands of people with its beautiful illustrations and important message of love and friendship.

Those who think this is just an ordinary children´s book, should maybe think again. Being a popular book amongst children, Valentine seems to have charmed his way into the hearts of many adults as well.  

Jessica Hardiman, the author of Valentine- The magic love potion” says that she wanted to make a book like the old fairytales, with pictures to each chapter, she read as a child.

 The story of Valentine is about an angel who dreams of a life outside heaven but it´s also a story of a little girl who is lonely and looking for a friend who she can trust. Looking down on earth one night, Valentine spots Emily who is sad because her parents are fighting. To help the little girl, he invents a love potion and decides to go down to Earth for the first time. But things don´t really go as planned, as Valentine falls down into the sea, without his wings, and is swept away in a big slipper. One of the favorite characters in the book, apart from Valentine, is Teddy. Being a fat and lazy cat who talks, he is sure to make you laugh!  

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