Thursday, March 28, 2013

Deep Fried and Pickled

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Deep Fried and Pickled 
(Book One - The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles)

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It’s 86’, the era of Pop Rocks, Jelly shoes and big hair bands. Rachael O'Brien's freshman plan seems simple: Attend a southern college, five-hundred miles from her hometown of Canton, Ohio, earn an art history degree, party and lose her virginity—hopefully, not in that order.

“Becoming a woman,” somehow turns into a series of life-lessons that she and her journal are lucky to live to tell. Being threatened by a redheaded She-Devil, avoiding the advances of a thirty-something redneck, and discovering an art fraud scheme interfere with her “to do” list. On top of her troubles at school, Rachael finds herself forging a new relationship with her emotionally-distant father after her mother abandons him for a psychic adventure.

Bad decision-making, law-bending behavior, surprising romances and near death experiences can make freshman year challenging in PAISLEY RAY'S, DEEP FRIED AND PICKLED, quick-witted, south-of-the-Mason-Dixon tale of survival.

Meet Paisley Ray
Paisley Ray writes comic-suspense, women's fiction with southern flair. She is currently working on Book 3 in The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles. Sophomore: Shelled and Shucked. Release date -- summer 2013.

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The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles Deep Fried and Pickled By: Paisley Ray

Women's Contemporary Fiction - crossover Chick Lit, Romance, Mystery(without dead body)/ 
A southern comic-suspense novel