Thursday, March 28, 2013

Paranormal Fantasy: Chrysalis

karen grace-chrysalis

Chrysalis (Hybrid)

by K. Grace

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For Kat, who had always considered herself a "freak" because of her uncanny abilities, arriving at Colorado State was the beginning of a new adventure; one where she could leave her past behind, start anew...and meet Gavin McIntyre, a man she had dreamed about for three years. He was the quarterback of the college football team, the president of the Delta Sig fraternity and, she would soon realize, had inhuman abilities of his own. Kat finds out that the people she trusts are not what they seem, as more and more of her innate abilities surface and her safety is threatened by opposing forces intent on piercing the chrysalis that is Kat. For Gavin, she could mean the end of everything he has known--or the beginning of something he can only imagine. Who is she? What is she--and in finding out, will she lose everything?  

About the Author: K. Grace

karen_grace_author_pictureKaren Grace lives in Texas, but grew up in the mountains of Colorado. She has always enjoyed fantasy and paranormal movies and books, first reading J.R.R. Tolkien in middle school. She is currently working on Volume two of this series and plans a third volume as well. And who knows? If her readers ask, she may do a sequel, she's having so much fun! Fantasy Paranormal Connect with the author: Website * Twitter   ...