Saturday, June 8, 2013

Mafia Fiction Freebie

patricia bellomo  

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June 8th - 10th


Stella Di Mare
Thriller Suspense Mafia Action

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Tara Evans loves working at Miami's swank Walker Hotel. The only problem is Tara's boss, Franco Santia. When he's not hitting on her, he's hustling hot diamonds and snorting lines with his creepy pal, Manny Bommarino. He's also borrowing heavily from savvy investor, Louie Morelli. When Louie assumes control of the Walker, Tara's life takes an exciting turn. Louie's a charmer, and Tara is hot for him even before he seduces her on his yacht, the Stella di Mare. Tara soon discovers Louie is married, and that he is not just connected to the mob, he is the mob. But this doesn't stop her from falling madly in love with him........Caught up in a high-stakes world where power and money rule, Tara faces shocking new truths about herself and her lover. And now, as her fate and Louie's becomes even more entwined, Tara makes a decision that will drastically alter their relationship and put her life in danger.