Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Journaling for For Peace, Power, Purpose and Prosperity

The Easy Quick-Start Guide 

to Journaling, Channeling and Automatic Writing 

For Peace, Power, Purpose and Prosperity

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Free Sept 25-26

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    Change your life through Journaling! Learn how to easily Channel messages from your Higher Self, Angels and Spirit Guides. Do you know what Automatic Writing is? Have you experienced its guiding power in your life? This quick-start guide will launch your power to receive messages through Channeling and Automatic Writing while Journaling. Enhance the Peace, Power, Purpose and Prosperity in your life now!    

About the Author Patricia Kelley

Patricia M. Kelley is an Intuitive, BIG CHANGES Business, Life and Wholeness Coach, Change-Catalyst, Entrepreneur, Speaker/Emcee, Activist, Writer/Author and more. Her current writing interests include: Turning life's big lessons into purpose and prosperity, uncovering and living one's life purpose, making BIG CHANGES in Business and Wholeness/Health--including a new series of ebooks on alternative healing methods to Stop, Heal and Prevent Cancer and other dis-eases. Patricia's articles have been published internationally.     ...