Saturday, November 23, 2013

FREE Romance Book - Season for Love

Portia perotti- seasonforlove

Season for Love

Romance - Contemporary - Fantasy
by Portia Perotti

FREE Nov 23-24

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 FALL IN LOVE WITH RACHEL in SEASON FOR LOVE, Book 3 in THE PEROTTI LEGENDS Series! Who would have thought salt and water could be the perfect recipe for romance? Popular Author Portia Perotti introduces you to Rachel Finlay and Gregory Pembroke III in this fun filled romance story!  

One Teaspoon Of Salt

Twenty-four and still single (which is a criminal marital state in her family) Rachel Finlay has heard the old "salt" wives tale one too many times not to try it. One teaspoon of dry salt before bed, and she will dream the face of her real life hero - he will be the one who brings water to quench her terrible, brine-induced thirst, her aunts and Grandma Sarah promise. But the only water Rachel gets is an accidental dousing caused by none other than Brighton County's prodigal son, the illustrius Gregory Pembroke III.  

Add A Dash Of Water

Home again after a five-year business trip, Greg is determined to make his own rules this time around. While living life on his terms is the order of the day, his top priority is to close the "Wedding of the Century" chapter of his life his parents had opened for him before he went away - only this time, he will be the one choosing the bride. The special of the day? Rachel Finlay.  

Happily Ever After

While there is certainly a grain of truth in every legend, the unpalatable tale Rachel believes about Greg's past is one best taken with a grain of salt. But will she ignore the signs in the salt or will she realize the truth and spice up her life forever?     ...