Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Mastery Manifesto


The Mastery Manifesto

(The Craft of Art)
By Nick Johansen

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 What are the secrets of time's greatest masters?

Fascinated by brilliance, we sit in awe of history's legendary craftsmen: Da Vinci, Hendrix, Sun Tzu. What differentiated these individuals from the masses? It turns out it wasn't talent, or any secret. No, it was a few simple tasks that allowed them to surpass their peers and enter forever into the annals of history. From five years of intense study and personal examination comes THE MASTERY MANIFESTO, a short treatise on what it takes to become great, live a satisfying life and attain the rarest of titles: master.    


Nick Johansen is not a master; he is simply a disciple following the path towards craftsmanship and greatness. He is a writer and indie entrepreneur living on the East Coast. Those interested in receiving a totally free book should signup for the weekly newsletter at It's always spam-free, and you'll also receive discounts and exclusive excerpts from upcoming titles.   ...