Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Anna and the Magic Paintbrush



Anna and the Magic Paintbrush:

by Chris Blackley
(Illustrated Book for ages 3-7) 
  (Teaches your children the value of kindness) 
(Beginner readers) (Bedtime story)

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Kindness allows you to treat others with respect Fully illustrated ebook, for ages 3-9 This easy to read book is perfect for children aged 3-9 and simple enough for beginning readers. This story "Anna and the Magic Paintbrush" tells the story of Anna, who for a simple act of kindness receives a very special gift. Anna decides to use this gift to help the people around her who have greater needs than she does. This book takes young children on a journey with Anna as she learns that kindness is the best gift anyone can give. This well-written and fun story delivers education in a way that will keep your child enthralled, and is complemented by illustrations to keep their attention. ˃˃˃ Teach your child the art of kindness "Anna and the Magic Paintbrush" helps teach children to show kindness to others in a way that is fun and engaging for them. It also provides parents and teachers with an entertaining way to teach children the value of kindness. ˃˃˃ Perfect Bedtime Story This is also an ideal bedtime story, and is suitable for reading aloud for preschoolers, or self-read by older children. A child's mind is most open when going to bed and this is a perfect story to teach them to be kind to others. Connect with the Author on Twitter.