Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Supernatural Hero and the Witches

Eran Gadot - Supernatural heroSupernatural Hero and the Witches follows the AWARD WINNING book, Supernatural Hero. It is the second book in the series by Eran Gadot. 


Andy, just one year away from junior high, has become a school hero thanks to his supernatural powers and the funny, acrobatic ghost of his beloved Grandpa. He manages to defeat evil powers and witches, to break a dangerous magic spell, and to win the heart of the most popular girl in the class.

 “...Grandpa’s fighting the witches. He’s holding a shining spear in his hand and it’s shooting out multi-color laser beams. The witches are trying to attack him. It’s the first time I’ve seen a real supernatural fight... One of the witches is sneaking up on him from behind... At the last second Grandpa pivots, his spear connects with the evil black spirit and she gets smacked right out the window. Next I hear a bloodcurdling scream...”

Supernatural Hero and the Witches is the newest in the series of suspenseful adventures about Andy, the boy who can talk to ghosts.

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