Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Vanessa Bogenholm - moraline 



"After being rejected and left alone, Alexandria finds herself going down a moral line. Slightly desperate for money, she takes a one-time ‘job’ as a paid for companion by a not so attractive but very nice wealthy man. Is getting paid to be in the company of men really such a bad thing if it feels good?

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She falls into a world of clients that are wealthy, powerful, successful men with fancy cars and country club lifestyles. But she sees the fragility in all of these men, the loneliness and need for acceptance that is the human condition. Alexandria becomes ‘Catherine’, a high-end escort with a beautiful laugh who finds the goodness and attractiveness in all men, falling in love with all of her clients just a little. By accepting these men and seeing the goodness in them, she pleases these men in many ways. Is it possible by pleasing others maybe Alexandria/Catherine can find her true self and find happiness?"  

SAMPLE REVIEW: "The Moral Line,' by Vanessa Bogenholm is an amazing read that will sweep you away in a tasteful erotica tale that will engulf the mind and senses into the wee hours of the morning."