Friday, June 27, 2014

Living with hair loss

EBJ_Joseph bk

My Hair Story:

Living with hair loss is not easy

by E.B. Joseph

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For over a decade author E.B. Joseph has been on a complex and sensitive roller coaster dealing with female hair loss. In this revealing memoir the author takes you on her hair journey from childhood to life in the military and beyond. Her book is a source of inspiration for coping and acceptance.      



Meet the Author: E. B. Joseph

EBJ_JosephE.B. Joseph is a retired U.S. Marine of over 20 years. She is the Founder/CEO of Plan2Win, Solutions, LLC. She is a self-published author and currently a Home School Mom. What she does best is consolidate information in simple and easy to follow formats. "When I retired from the military, I had two dreams; homeschool my child and work for myself. It started with writing the books floating in my brain and it has blossomed into much more."

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