Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Operation WetFish - Vampire Detective

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Operation WetFish

Vampire Detective
by Adam Carter

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Threats, witness intimidation, lack of evidence or just expensive lawyers. Sometimes the guilty walk free of the courts with a spring in their step and a smile on their face. With the changing, more transparent world looming on the horizon, one clandestine department of the London police force in the 1990s struggles to continue with its thirty year remit: to correct the mistakes of the courts. Threats, suspect intimidation, planting evidence or just taking out the lawyers. Sometimes the cops can play dirty too.

 Charles Baronaire lives for the thrill of making the streets safe. But Baronaire has other things on his mind. He’s stronger, faster, more agile than ordinary human beings; he can focus his mind to alter people’s perceptions, can establish command over nature’s baser creatures.  

And he has an insatiable appetite for human blood.

Sometimes to fight the city’s monsters in suits the law is forced to employ the greatest monsters of them all.