Sunday, July 13, 2014

Learning the Chinese Language

Orna Taub - chinese 


CHINESE Language Study

Enrichment textbook for students 
learning the Chinese language 
(for intermediate/advanced levels)

by Oren Taub

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This textbook is written for the students of the Chinese language around the world who's level is above beginner and higher. The aim of the book is to enrich their studying and to make it easier and clearer. The book is based of my many years of Chinese learning which include many private lessons with the best teachers, endless self searching for materials and long time communication with Chinese native speakers friends and worldwide mandarin students. This is a unique textbook written by a long time mandarin student who is very familiar with the mandarin student's needs. In this textbook the student can find learning material which cannot be found in Common textbooks and information only exists partially in most of them. A lot of time, effort and money were invested in this book for the benefit of worldwide mandarin students.