Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Girl From Hanoi - A Suspense Thriller

tom myers - the girl from hanoi The Girl From Hanoi  

Suspense Thriller  

By Tom Myers


In 1964, just as the Vietnam War is launching America into the horror of death and destruction, Airman Austin Mars is shanghaied in Saigon by a crooked colonel and forced to fly illicit cargo. After fighting his way out of a bloody attack at a remote jungle airstrip, Mars realizes he will be killed next time if he doesn't escape the colonel's vicious clutches. That's when he meets an exotic young woman with a plan to free him and possibly make them both rich if he can stay alive. But it means taking the kind of impossible chances found only in the darkest nightmares.  


Meet the Author: Tom Myers

Tom MyersTraveling the world in the US Air Force during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the war in Vietnam meant landing in many exciting locales--some great, some not, and some almost too exotic to survive. I used the GI Bill to graduate from university with a degree in English and History. Following graduation, and as always looking for excitement, I moved to Tehran, Iran to work as an analyst focused on the Middle East. When the Shah of Iran's flag started to droop, I returned to the United States to find employment with a major international air carrier. That led to much more travel and enough excitement to satisfy me.