Friday, February 20, 2015

Debut Science Fiction by John Mickus

John Mickus - MFGT

meant for greater things

Debut Science Fiction  
by John Mickus

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 Jasper Joyce is good with lasers and satellites, but he’s not so good with people. Everyday life for others seems to give Jasper a very hard time, but solar physics— he can understand. Little by little, he endures his new job and continues to build mysterious devices. But why doesn't Mr. Joyce quite fit in? Why does he care so much about us and the world we live in? Does he know something we don’t? Many of his inventions are radically advanced. In fact, Jasper is creating technology that will change the world.  

About the Author: JOHN MICKUS

John MickusJOHN MICKUS has worked as a Software Engineer ever since he graduated college. He’s had a variety of technical experience from working in Defense, Internet Security, Medical and Multimedia industries. He’s passionate about many science and artistic endeavors, and finds inspiration from the modern-day cinema. Meant for Greater Things is his first novel.

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