Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stillness Within the Storm
Find your stillness and create the life you choose

Matthew Tolleth - Stillness

Stillness Within the Storm

by Matthew Tolleth

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Find your stillness and create the life you choose.

Your “inner mission” is to be the loving, thoughtful, and caring person you know you are, no matter what life says you should be. Discover and create your stillness; a comfortable reality where you’re not influenced by thoughts other than those you choose and where you make the choices that are best for you. Break through the barrier of subliminal influence and find a new world of choices; choices that move with you as you move your way through this mess we call existence—through the storm of your life. Embarking on his own journey decades ago to make sense of the busy, distressing world that we live in, Matthew Tolleth, found his stillness within the storm of life, and he wishes to share this discovery with others so that they too, may choose happiness instead of illusion and change their lives.